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Transport & Assembly

The transport of materials and assistance with assembly work are among HeliBernina's core activities. Indeed, many projects would not be feasible without the use of their helicopters – be it for the forestry industry, construction sites in mountainous regions, or major alpine events.

Cargo Transportation

A helicopter provides the perfect solution for the transport of bulky and heavy freight to even the highest-altitude regions. HeliBernina’s fleet have an under-slung load capacity of up to 1,200 kilograms, taking into account wind, temperature and altitude. For such missions, expertise, safety and perfect teamwork are fundamental requirements for success..

Aerialwork for the protection of the population
Aerialwork for the protection of the population


Thanks to its capacity to navigate inaccessible locations, the helicopter is also optimal for use in transporting supplies for mountain railway construction sites, high-voltage pylons, radio antenna, wire rope hoists, and slope stabilisation nets. In all of our operations, be it a scenic leisure flight or an intricate construction mission, the utmost skill, precision and focus are essential.

Mountain Construction Sites

It is impossible to imagine a mountain construction site without a helicopter. Concrete, gravel, sand, machines, aggregate, and steel and wood supplies are flown efficiently to the most remote areas. HeliBernina has provided years of service to a multitude of utility projects, both in the Engadine region and further afield.

Care from the Air for SAC Hut Guests.
Care from the Air for SAC Hut Guests.


It's thanks to helicopters that most Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) huts and mountain guesthouses are kept stocked with supplies for hungry and thirsty mountaineers, climbers and hikers. In addition, during alpine sporting events such as the Engadin Skimarathon or the Alpine Marathon Davos, helicopter support is relied on heavily for the provision of supplies.


The helicopter often plays a vital role in tree-felling. Helicopters are frequently called upon by municipalities, forestry companies and private parties to transport logs, construction wood, winches, forestry equipment, as well as avalanche rescue supplies securely, professionally, and with precision. 

Forestry mission for public security.
Forestry mission for public security.

Specialist Tree-Felling

Specialist tree-felling involves the felling of trees in residential or inaccessible areas. This high-precision, delicate task can often only be accomplished efficiently and securely by using a Helicopter. Our own forest-specialists prepare and fullfill the demanding jobs in collaboration with the local forest-service and specialized forest companies. 


HeliBernina AG is based at Samedan Airport, where their fleet of helicopters are lined up ready to provide a fast and efficient service for both cargo and passenger flights throughout Switzerland and the neighbouring regions. HeliBernina’s team of dedicated, experienced and friendly staff ensure the delivery of safe, efficient and reliable flights.

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