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Maintenance & Technology

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HeliBernina’s technical services team conduct maintenance on their own fleet as well as client aircraft. The company is certified under EASA PART-145 and Part M (CAMO) and monitored by the Federal Office for Civil Aviation.  Compliance with regulations is ensured in accordance with the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) guidelines and aircraft manufacturers.

Control and repair jobs on location in the aircraft hangar..
Control and repair jobs on location in the aircraft hangar..

HeliBernina conducts small- and large-scale maintenance checkups and carries out modifications and component updates.  Repairs are also part of the package.  In collaboration with our partners, HeliBernina can also arrange for sprinkler-system maintenance, as well as aviation electronics and upholstery services.



Aircraft Management

We also provide an Aircraft/Helicopter Management Package for owners/parties involved in managing the operation of a helicopter or aircraft.  Among the services we offer are:


  • Distribution and sale of components and replacement parts for helicopters

  • Evaluation and distribution of helicopters, pre-purchase inspections and market analyses, etc.

  • Consultation during the purchase or sale of helicopters (evaluation is based on current Bluebook values)

  • Import and export of aircraft, negotiations, demolition, assembly, transport, etc.

  • Creation of CAMO- documentation and other technical and operational documents

  • Technical explanations and cost estimates

  • Airworthiness Review (Subpart I)


HeliBernina AG is based at Samedan Airport, where their fleet of helicopters are lined up ready to provide a fast and efficient service for both cargo and passenger flights throughout Switzerland and the neighbouring regions. HeliBernina’s team of dedicated, experienced and friendly staff ensure the delivery of safe, efficient and reliable flights.

HeliBernina AG
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