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Morning 17.05.2022 Min 4 °C Max 18 °C
Afternoon 17.05.2022 Min 4 °C Max 18 °C
This morning besides sunshine also some clouds. In the afternoon sunny with some clouds. Maximum temperature 18 degrees.


Morning 18.05.2022 Min 4 °C Max 19 °C
Afternoon 18.05.2022 Min 4 °C Max 19 °C
Wednesday morning clear skies. In the afternoon not quite cloudless. Early in the morning 5 deg, Maximum temperatures around 19 degrees.

Engadin forecast

Thursday 19.05.2022 Min 4 °C Max 18 °C
Friday 20.05.2022 Min 4 °C Max 19 °C
On Thursday only few cloud fields. On Friday sunny with possible showers. Daytime temperatures 19 deg C.

Engadin forecast for this week

Saturday 21.05.2022 Min 7 °C Max 18 °C
Sunday 22.05.2022 Min 6 °C Max 21 °C
On Saturday sunny, showers possible. On Sunday only few cloud fields. Daytime temperatures 18 deg C.


HeliBernina AG is based at Samedan Airport, where their fleet of helicopters are lined up ready to provide a fast and efficient service for both cargo and passenger flights throughout Switzerland and the neighbouring regions. HeliBernina’s team of dedicated, experienced and friendly staff ensure the delivery of safe, efficient and reliable flights.

HeliBernina AG
Plazza Aviatica 4

CH-7503 Samedan
T +41 81 851 18 18
F +41 81 851 18 19


Office Hours

Monday - Sunday
08:00 - 12.00 a.m.
1:30 - 5.30 p.m.


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